Why We Do It

You transform our world, everyday.

Most history books are full of stories of Great Men and Women, singular leaders who changed the world. But, in truth, they didn’t. Everyday people who banded together and decided to think something different, make something different, do something different—you have always been what made our world different.

You make our future what it will be. We live in the most connected, and most disconnected, time ever known. In a few seconds, you can type a message and reach almost anyone, from all over the world. Yet, most of us don’t know who lives on our block.

With everything we do, we believe in helping people band together, by living and breathing in a shared space, sharing stories from all over our world. People banding together and seeing each other's stories alive can transform our world, and allow us to soar beyond what is thought possible.

We also make plays, create gatherings, and put up shows.