Halcyon Applauds the work of #NotInOurHouse

We at Halcyon have been trying to process the recent (and continuing) current events regarding harassment and the endangerment of Chicago artists. It is important to note that these instances are not happening more often than before; they are simply coming to light with more consistency, and being addressed out in the open. We applaud the Chicago theatrical community’s response, and the hard work being done by ‪#‎NotInOurHouse‬, and especially wish to advocate for continuing this vital conversation.

The issues facing theatre artists in our community are not limited to any one theater or any one person; nor are they always so prominent or so well­ documented. It is important for theatres all across the city to continue educating ourselves and examining ourselves, individually and together as a community. This is how we can keep the discussion going and ensure real, lasting change for all, especially for those least able to advocate for and protect themselves. Continue the discussion; continue the transformation; continue letting the light in. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

Tony Adams, Artistic Director
Jenn Adams, Director of Community Engagement
Laura Stephenson, Company Manager
Kelly Opalko, Production Manager
Fin Coe, Associate Artistic Director