Each of our productions is available for sponsorship by corporations and businesses and generous individuals such as yourselves. This funding opportunity provides great visibility in the community and helps to underwrite the costs associated with mounting a production.

We have a policy that we call Radical Hospitality. Halcyon holds at least one-third of our seats on a first come, first served, free basis for every performance. For a lot of people in our communities the price of a ticket keeps them from being able to enjoy a play. We work hard to open our doors to everyone.

“I have never been to a theatre before” is something we hear a lot. “I have never seen someone like me onstage before.” Is something we hear a lot more. You know when your story is missing.

Connection, Intimacy, Beauty, Love. Words we talk about a lot, but most of us don’t know what they really are. We usually can’t see them when they are there. But you feel them deeply when they are absent.

As the stage lights go down, there is a woman waiting to see something. A woman who knows in her heart that more is possible, but she doesn’t feel like she belongs. She dreams of a better future, but can’t yet see the way. She feels alone, but works hard everyday to help others succeed.

Feeling alone. Everyone knows what that feels like. We want her to leave our shows feeling more connection, more intimacy. To feel alive with magic again. To know more is possible. To feel less alone. And we work hard to save a seat for her.

Our work tries to give our audience a magic mirror. To let you see a different way forward. To see a path to more possibilities. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? How’s a play going to do that?

But, we are all born believing in miracles. And as adults, many of us still cling to a hope for magic. Even as our words are silenced. Imagination and play can move mountains.

“I have never seen someone like me onstage before.”

Representation matters. But most of us don’t really know what that is. We usually can’t see it. But we feel it deeply when it’s absent.

Now, we live in the most connected, and most disconnected, time ever known. In a few seconds, you can type a message and reach almost anyone, from all over the world. Yet, most of us don’t know who lives on our block.

“I have never seen someone like me onstage before.”

If we can’t see ourselves, it’s almost impossible to welcome another with our whole hearts. If we can’t see another as their whole self, we can’t listen to them with our whole hearts. That’s something we think our whole country is missing right now.

People coming together, and seeing each other's stories come alive, can transform our world, and allow us to soar beyond what is thought possible.

As a sponsor, you can make that happen.