Prototyping Process

Note: this is a guide for our process for prototyping works and projects. Not every project will require the same exact steps. Our new play programs run in tandem with prototyping of extant texts and devising works through the prototyping process. 

Concept (and proof of concept)

  • Define
    • vision
    • ideas driving
    • context
    • background
    • storyboard/visual ideas
    • dramaturgical research
  • Sketch
  • Present
  • Critique
  • Broad, not deep. Fail early, fail cheap.


  • Build an example. Bring it to life.
  • Get your team together, and do it.
  • Get it on its feet with minimal props, no tech, but full acting and staging.
  • Tinker and come up with better ideas.


  • do the pieces all work together cohesively?
  • is each piece remarkable?
  • does it fit the mission?
  • does it fit our culture?
  • does it affect the audience?
  • Does it fit our aesthetic?
  • does it fit our evaluation criteria?
  • does it make someone's life better?


  • production design
  • experience design
  • promotional materials design

Testing (externally)

  • we can test parts of projects in alternate locations.
  • will people give a shit?
  • how will audiences experience this?
  • how do all the pieces work together?
  • what have we missed?

Business and Marketing Analysis

  • How do we find/make/bring/borrow the resources and people to make it great?
  • How does this compliment/enhance/align with our core programs?
  • how do we ensure it doesn't drift from our mission?
  • How do we measure the success of the project or program?
  • Why can we do it better than other existing programs from other organizations?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How do we move them?


  • test
  • evaluate
  • refine
  • repeat until ready