The Wild Duck

by Henrik Ibsen

adapted and directed by Tony Adams

May 7 through June 14, 2015
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 6pm

A father dreams of a new invention that can restore his fallen family's name to greatness. A grandfather dreams of the old days in the wilderness. A dutiful mother keeps the family together, hoping to keep old secrets hidden. When everything in the world around them is constantly changing, an old friend visits. He is dreaming of a new world founded on ridding the family of secrets. A daughter is caught in the middle, looking for a way out. Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece explores what is love in a world where the most genuine expressions of human feelings are hidden behind fake personas.

Approximate running time: 2 hours and 35 minutes (including intermission)


Jenn Adams (Mrs. Sorby) 
Ashley Agbay (ensemble)
Rena Ahmed (ensemble)
Shelby Lynn Bias (ensemble)
Ramón Camín (Relling)
Megg Clement (Gina Ekdal)
Michael Dalberg (ensemble)
Stephen Fedo (Werle)
Hillary Gokenbach (ensemble)
Arch Harmon (Old Ekdal)
Lily Henderson (Hedvig)
Ted James (Gregers Werle)
Noe Jara (Hialmar Ekdal)
Heidi Katz (ensemble)
Ted Kitterman (ensemble)
Sherry Legare (ensemble)
Warren Levon (Pettersen)
Andrew Marikis (Graberg)
Kayla Newman (ensemble)
Kashif Powell (ensemble)
Siobhan Reddy-Best (Jensen)
Claire Reinhart (ensemble)
Mark Soloff (ensemble)
Noelle Velasco (Molvik)

Creative Team:

Playwright: Henrik Ibsen
Adaptor/Director: Tony Adams
Assistant Director: Claire Reinhart
Assistant Director: Laura Stephenson
Dramaturg: Carla Della Gatta
Scenic Design: Tony Adams
Costume Design: Celeste Kelley
Assistant Costume Design: Zach Wagner
Lighting Design: Cat Davis
Sound Design: Ian Scarlato
Properties Design: Ellie Terrell
Choreography: Dmitri Peskov
Music Director: Wellington Da Silva
Stage Manager: Caitlin Body
Technical Director: Ian Scarlato