The War Zone is My Bed

By Yasmine Beverly Rana

Directed by Dani Snyder-Young

August 14 through September  7, 2014

In 1994 Sarajevo, in a bedroom brimming with bullet holes, Dahlia and Peter have a whirlwind romance. A famous writer reporting on the Bosnian War, he leaves her to return to his wife. In 2001 Kabul, in a bedroom with blacked out windows, an Afghan prostitute is having affair with a member of the Taliban religious police. Dahlia’s book about Leila, Ash and the aftermath of their affair in Kabul makes her a famous writer in her own right. On her book tour, struggling with how we all profit from telling stories of war from a safe distance, Dahlia and Peter meet again.

Approximate running time:  One hour and 45 minutes including a ten-minute intermission


Fin Coe (Tony) 
Denise Hoeflich (Susan)
Brendan Murphy (Peter)
Sameehan Patel (Ash)
Rasika Ranganathan (Laila)
Laura Stephenson (Dahlia)

Creative Team:

Playwright: Yasmine Beverly Rana
Director: Dani Snyder-Young
Assistant Director: Allyce Carryn Torres
Scenic/Lighting Design: Tristan Meredith
Costume Design: Celeste Kelley
Sound Design: Antonio M. Gracias
Projection Design: Tony Adams
Dialect Coach: Kendra Kargenian
Fight Director: Barbara Charlene
Scenic Painter: Mikah Berky
Stage Manager: Ashley Bowman
Assistant Stage Manager: Natalie Pertz