The Other Shore

by Gao Xingjian

Translated by Gilbert CF Fong 
Directed by Jennifer Adams

Performances were at the Lincoln Square Theatre
January 16 through February 21, 2009

Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian’s greatest work for the stage, The Other Shore explores the desperate human struggle to reach a state of nirvana by crossing the river of life to the other shore. According to Buddhist belief, humans experience an actual visible life full of suffering, but by living according to the virtues of ‘‘paramita’’—morality, patience, meditation and wisdom—they can cross the ‘‘river of life’’ to the other shore and experience enlightenment. The Crowd, Man, Woman, The Card Player, and others engage in a symbolic struggle over the conflict between the individual and collective will. Using a dazzling array of styles, unconventional staging and lively characters Xingjian’s staggering work shadows the individual human experiences of solitary struggle for meaning and enlightenment.

Featuring: Doug Bowman, Juan Castaneda, Samantha Garcia, Letitia Guillaud, Irene Kapustina, Josh Johnson, Meghan M. Martinez, Nilsa Reyna, Meghann Tabor, Danny Taylor, Kristine Wakefield

Director: Jennifer Adams, Associate Artistic Director
Assistant Director: Jesus Contreras
Lighting and Sound Design: Tony Adams, Artistic Director
Costume Design: Emily Nelson

pictured: Samantha Garcia, photo by Tom McGrath