A Shroud for Lazarus

by Rotimi Babatunde

Directed by Jenn Adams

World Premiere
August 20 through October 3, 2009
Performed at the Lincoln Square Theatre

In rep with Lorca in a Green Dress.

There has been a drought and only The Plantation has the resources to bring water down to its fields. Most of the small farmers in town have been compelled to work for the Plantation. The majority of townspeople opt for solace in the congregation of Papa, a local preacher. Ajala, the community rebel dogged by creditors and cursed by Papa, mysteriously dies. After the creditors depart, he rises up, and plans to use his "resurrection" to bring down Papa and The Plantation, but things do not go as planned.

Featuring: Clint Belton, Mary Jo BolducPaige Collins, Will Davis, Johnny Garcia, Arch Harmon, Arvin A. Jalandoon, Marquetta Jackson, Chuck MacFaun, Tinuade Oyelowo, Riso Straley, Eric Sherman-Christ, Meghann Tabor

Director: Jenn Adams
Scenic Design: Tony Adams
Lighting Design: Ellen Moore
Costume Design: Ellen Moore
Stage Manager: Hope Reynolds

pictured: Arvin A. Jalandoon and Paige Collins, photo by Tom McGrath