The First Woman

by Nambi E. Kelley

Directed by Alexander St. John

presented with MAY 39th
part of The Alcyone Festival 2013

September 6 - 28,  2013

Focusing on Naki and Nana, a mother and daughter, and their struggles for peace;The First Woman is the journey of every man, woman, and child's search for inner and outer peace in a world where peace is the hardest of challenges. From monologues about the loss of God to poems about a woman who has sold her child in order to feed her family, this choreo-play is a collection of stories that tell of the African-American experience in America, but transcend that genre to speak to the larger community of the world.

Approximate running time: 40 minutes.

Featuring:  Victoria Alvarez-Chacon, Tiara Bryant, Olivia Charles, Kanome' Jones, Stephanie Mattos and Corina Morris

Assistant Director: Anneliese Moffitt
Movement: Ky Morris
Lighting Design: Cat Davis
Costume Design: Maggie Burke
Sound Design: Alexander St. John
Production Stage Manager: Mary K. Holm

Pictured: ensemble of The First Woman
Photo by Charlotte Woolf Photography