The Alcyone Festival 2012

In its fifth year, our annual Alcyone Festival celebrates the depth and breadth of women writing for the stage. The Alcyone Festival 2012  featured new works by Mexican women, in English translation.

July 12 through August 12, 2012
At the Greenhouse Theater Center

Featured Shows:

A Lover’s Dismantling: Fragments of a Scenic Discourse

by Elena Guiochins, translation by Andy Bragen
Directed by Alex Gualino

"There are only two kinds of thoughts: memories and imagination. This story of two couples finding, living, and losing love weaves through time, distance, dreams, and heartbreak. "

Freud Sk​ating on Thin Ice

by Sabina Berman, translation by Kirsten F. Nigro
Directed by Henry Godinez

"A dramatic rewriting of the famous case of Freud's 'Dora.'"

Two Dead Guys and a Banjo: A Story of Mourning

by Mariana Hartasánchez, translation by Henry Guzmán
Directed by Tony Adams

"When a magician's hand escapes and seduces a psychiatrist, two fathers return from the dead in a battle over the living."

The Tip of the Iceberg

by Bea Carmina, translation by Caridad Svich
Directed by Anneliese Moffitt

"A couple on the skids, a woman having a nervous breakdown, a serial killer on the prowl and a girl holding onto a mewling cat make up the darkly comic, poetically ferocious world of The Tip of the Iceberg."

pictured: Laura Stephenson and Jin Kim, photo by Charlotte Woolf photography