A Little Betrayal Among Friends

by Caridad Svich

directed by Lavina Jadhwani 

freely adapted from Maria de Zayas y Sotomayor’s comedy La Traicion en la amistad

part of The Alcyone Festival 2011
June 9 - July 10,  2011
At the Greenhouse Theatre Center

Approximately three hundred and seventy years before Sex and the City, there was Maria Zayas de Sotomayor’s La traicion en la amistad. It offers a rare theatrical glimpse into the life of upper-class women in the 17th century.

Love’s treason – its blessed and cursed treachery on our inviolate hearts – is the focus of this play. The machinations and inconsistencies of love and its pursuit along with love’s enchanting traicion destabilizes the vision that we carry of ourselves and instead offers us the un-fixed possibilities of who we can be.

A little betrayal among friends, is Caridad Svich’s loving new rendering based on Zayas’ intentions.

Featuring: Danielle O'Farrell, Fin Coe, Bryan Breau, Kaelan Strouse, Ariana Dziedzic, Matthew Gall, Allison Schaffer

Assistant Director: Kristin Idaszak
Sound Designer: Dan Toot

pictured at top: Fin Coe and Allison Schaffer. Photo by Warren Levon