Manual for a Desperate Crossing

by María Irene Fornés

Directed by Coya Paz

Chicago Premiere
part of the Alcyone Festival 2010
January 21 through February 27, 2010
Performances were at the Lincoln Square Theatre 

'Dedicated to Horacio, and to thousands of men, women and children who perished crossing the Florida straights [sic] on rickety rafts.'

In 1994 more than 35,000 Cubans tried to flee Cuba in what ever homemade rafts they could fashion. Culled from numerous interviews with survivors of the crossing, Manual for a Desperate Crossing was originally written as an opera libretto and it is adapted for the theatrical stage for the first time.

Manual for a Desperate Crossing was presented in English with Spanish.

Featuring: Allison Carvalho, Jazmin Corona, Esteban Andres Cruz, Rudy Galvan, Ulises Rangel, Eszter Kiss, Rafael Franco

Director: Coya Paz
Movement Director: Esteban Andres Cruz
Lighting/Sound Design: Tony Adams
Production Stage Manager: Derrick York
Assistant to the Director: Brandi Stepp

pictured: Rudy Galvan, Allison Carvalho and Ulises Rangel, photo by Steve Jones