The Toymaker's War

by Jennifer Fawcett

Directed by Juan Castañeda

A developmental production
Part of the Alcyone Festival 2009
June 11 through July 18, 2009
Performances were at the Lincoln Square Theatre

In 1995, Sylvie was an idealistic young journalist who went to Bosnia to write the story that would launch her career. Stumbling upon an isolated village of children, she met Milan, a young Bosnian Serb toymaker turned soldier, and his little sister, Lejla and her imaginary world of dolls and dragons. Outside this world of make-believe however, very real violence was brewing and soon one horrific act of brutality sparked a massacre. Now, years later, Sylvie is a world-famous journalist being called to the Hague to testify in a war crimes trial. Her career in ruins and haunted by memories of the past, she must finally face what really happened in Bosnia and the actions taken in the name of revenge and love.

Featuring: Petrucia Finkler, Julia Drew Joyner, Jesse Menendez, Andréa Morales, Greg Poljacik

Assistant Director: Greg Wenz
Language Consultant and Dialect Coach: Irena Djuric
Lighting Designer: Ellen Moore
Production Stage Manager: Amanda Frechette

pictured: Jesse Menendez, Andréa Morales and Julia Drew Joyner, photo by Adam Dodds