The Yellow Wallpaper

by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Adapted and performed by Chicago Danztheatre EnsembleFormerly Adler Danztheatre Project

Part of the Alcyone Festival 08

It is 1890. A woman struggles to hold onto herself and her sanity as she copes with Post Partum Depression. On the advise of her physician husband, she is given the rest cure. Alone in the bedroom, staring into space she becomes fixated on the yellow wallpaper. She begins to see women trapped within the patterns of the paper. This is second incarnation for the Yellow Wallpaper for Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble. Reworked and revised to further delve into the mystery behind the Yellow Wallpaper and the reasoning behind Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s unforgettable short story.

Featuring: Beth Czechanski, Morgan Christiansen, David Goodloe, Denise Parkhurst, Amanda Eaton, Cynthia Chambers, Jacquelyn Guerrero and Wannapa P Eubanks

Sound Design: Joe Griffin
Assistant Director: Kate Mc Illvain