The Massacre

by Elizabeth Inchbald

Directed by Greg Poljacik

Part of the Alcyone Festival 08

The Massacre by Elizabeth Inchbald is based on the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre August 24, 1572. It follows Eusebe Tricastin who initially escapes the violence at the start in Paris only to find that it has pursued him to his home and family. Once captured, his family and his own fate rests in the hands of those who were once neighbors but are now a brutal and bloodthirsty mob. Although based on St. Bartholomew's, it echoes every other act of genocide or blind hatred in history and in the present.

Featuring: Katie Clark, Minita Gandhi, Megan Gotz, Christine Lin, Allison McCorkle, Chloe Payne, Craig Pilkington, Nilsa Reyna, Jack Ryan, Dwight Sora, Leean Zahr