by Joanna Baillie

Directed by Adam Dodds

Part of Alcyone Festival 08

"Dreams I fear not: it is the dreadful waking..."

Amidst the turmoil of the Fourteenth Century, a woman with modern aspirations wants simply to carve out her own destiny. Her efforts are opposed, however, by a system in which her place is predetermined: Orra is besieged on all sides by men and women who would impose their own wills upon her...for her own good, they say. As her waking life begins to resemble the fireside horror stories that once thrilled her, Orra recoils into a terrifying mindscape in which reality and nightmare bleed together unbounded. Is it truly madness to perceive everywhere the faces of ghosts and monsters?

Featuring: Tim Ballard, Antonio Bruno, Phil Carlin, Jesus Contreras, Adam Dodds, Adam Downs, Nick King, Tom McGrath, Julie Mitre, DeRante Parker, Breahan Pautsch, Meghann Tabor, Brandon Thompson, Steve Truncale, Helen Young