by Hrosvitha

Directed by Adrienne Day

Part of the Alcyone Festival 08

Preferring death to the loss of her chastity, Drusiana rejects the advances of Callimachus and prays to be taken to heaven. Undeterred by her death, Callimachus takes his lustful obsession to her tomb. Spirtual forces intervene, resulting in his death. Upon arriving at the tomb, Drusiana's husband and John the Apostle witness the miraculous rising of Callimachus and Drusiana from the grave, followed by the conversion of Callimachus to Christianity.

Featuring: Blake Williams, Christine Lin, David Pitman, Douglas Bowman, Edward Kuffert, Sarah Sapperstein, Tom McGrath


Hrosvitha of Gandersheim (c. 935 to c. 1002) is the oldest known female playwright, and the first known playwright after the Dark Ages. Hrosvitha wrote in the 10th century AD from her Benedictine Abbey in Gandersheim. As a medieval nun, she was exposed to the work of the classic poet, Terence, and vowed to create strong literary works focusing on Christian themes as an alternative to reading his pagan works. Her six comedies focus on spiritual martyrdom, the temptation of the flesh and the holiness of chastity.