A Bold Stroke for a Wife

by Susanna Centlivre

Directed by Jenn Adams

Part of the Alcyone Festival 08

A hilarious comedy about the lengths a man will go to be granted the hand of a woman. To win the woman he loves, Colonel Feignwell has to get permission from her four guardians, who are as different from each other as day and night, and who all refuse to endorse a man who the other guardians suggest. Though Anne Lovely returns Colonel Feignwell's affections, she is convinced that if he truly loves her he will find a way to convince them. Watch Colonel Feignwell as he donnes disguise after disguise to win permission from the strangest men to ever be guardians of a woman!

Featuring: Barbara Anderson, Brian Bennet, Doug Bowman, Kevin Gladish, Chris Jones, Ed Kuffert, Jacquis Neal, Meghan Martinez, Andrea Morales, Nick Staten, Greg Wenz

Susanna Centlivre

Susanna Centlivre (born Susanna Freeman, also known professionally as Susanna Carroll; baptised November 1667 - December 1, 1723), was an English poet and actress and one of the premier dramatists of the eighteenth century. During her long career at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane she produced several plays that would remain popular for over a century after her death. She began acting in breeches roles in Dublin and writing plays and signing them "Susanna Carroll."In 1700, she contributed poetry to The Nine Muses, an elegiac poetry collection left on the grave of John Dryden. She had moved over to Drury Lane in London by that year, and her first play, The Perjured Husband, appeared. As with other plays of that year, it was a combination of tragedy with a sexually titillating subplot. The play was a great success, and the prologue explicitly boasted that it had been written by a woman.Other plays include: The Beau DuelThe Stolen Heiress, Love's Contrivance, The Gamester, The Basset Table, Love at a Venture, The Platonick Lady, The Busybody, Marplot in Lisbon, The Man's Bewitched, The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret,The Gotham Election, The Cruel Gift and The Artifice.