Cast and Creative Team announced for Halcyon Theatre’s Chicago premiere Of Caridad Svich’s De Troya

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Cast and Creative Team announced for 
Halcyon Theatre’s Chicago premiere
Of Caridad Svich’s 
De Troya

Directed by Rinska Carrasco-Prestinary
May 16–June 30, 2018

The Cast of De Troya

April 13, 2018 – Halcyon Theatre is proud to announce casting for the Chicago premiere of Caridad Svich’s De Troya. Directed by Halcyon’s Associate Artistic Director Rinska Carrasco-Prestinary, De Troya runs May 16 through June 30 (press opening Thursday, May 24 at 8 p.m.) at Halcyon Theatre located in residence at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3253 W. Wilson Avenue, on Chicago’s north side.

Carrasco-Prestinary directs a cast featuring Valeria Rosero (Mara), Isaly Viana (Raya), Tamika Lecheé Morales (Lena), Isabel Quintero (Lupe), Arik Vega (Gusty), Noe Jara (Grandpa Horacio)

The creative team includes: Artistic Director Tony Adams (Scenic Design), Cat Davis (Lighting Design, 2017 Equity Jeff Award winner for Halcyon’s The River Bride),  Uriel Gomez (Costume Design) Jeffrey Levin (Sound Design and Original Music, 2017 Equity Jeff Award nominee for Halcyon’s The River Bride), Mark 'Trace' Umstattd (Projections and Properties Design), and Sasha Smith (Violence and Intimacy Choreographer)

A mysteriously wounded girl who washes on shore and meets young Mara on the riverbank. Worried sisters Lupe and Lena wonder if tonight is the night that their niece will disappear without a trace? Nostalgic Horacio drives his restless grandson away with another rambling story from his childhood. Boiling under the surface of a violent city, two families wrestle with rebellion, regret, and loss of faith.

“De Troya is a rip in our soul. A reminder of how violence has steeped in our world, and how peace can come from unsuspected places. It's also transforming who we think we are to become the change we need to be, in order to survive.” Carrasco-Prestinary says, “There are no easy conversation when it comes to facing our own inner truth. And very often we shudder at the thought. But when you have the choice to fight for your life or run, what will you choose?”

De Troya


Caridad Svich


Rinska Carrasco-Prestinary


Halcyon Theatre, 3253 W. Wilson Ave


Thursday, May 16–Wednesday, May 23.

Press Opening

Thursday, May 24


Saturday, June 30


Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 6pm


$20 for guaranteed advance admission or free through the Radical Hospitality program.

Halcyon’s Mission

Halcyon Theatre is fiercely committed to making the stage as diverse as the city of Chicago. Dedicated to presenting new voices from inadequately represented communities, Halcyon works to recast classic works in order to showcase contemporary relevance.

About Halcyon

Based in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, Halcyon Theatre was formed in 2006 to connect people, transform our borders and ascend toward a more just union.

We create theatre that looks like our world. Representation matters. We feel it deeply when it’s absent.  If we can’t see ourselves, it’s almost impossible to welcome another with our whole hearts. If we can’t see another as their whole self, we can’t listen to them with our whole hearts. That’s something we think our whole country is missing right now.

Our artistic philosophy is driven by our continuing belief that at every point of human history where there has been an explosion of artistic creativity, it has happened when different cultures and traditions have listened and learned from each other.

No artist can fully represent a community; however, a community of artists can. Halcyon works continuously to connect people and organizations from across all of our communities to accomplish our mission.

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