Noël Huntzinger

Noël Huntzinger hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a graduate of Oklahoma University. Noël is an artistic associate at Sideshow Theatre Company, past Sideshow credits: Truth and Reconciliation, Stupid F****** Bird and Antigonik. Noël is a Resident Artist at Filament Theatre: Robin Hood, Van Gogh Café, Pinocchio: A Folk Musical, Hank Williams Lost Highway and others), and Ensemble at Interrobang Theatre Still, North Pool, Pitchfork Disney and others. Noël designed The 2016 New Stages at The Goodman: Blue Skies Process and Support Group for Men. Noël wrapped her first full-length film design- 'Olympia: an Instruction Manual for Everything' in the summer. 

With Halcyon

As costume designer: American Hwangap

Bio as of
January 2017