New Plays

Our commitment to new voices and diversity has given us the gift of living in a cultural crossroads, where voices from across the globe can connect with each other and with those whose shoulders we stand upon. We’ve been very fortunate to work and build relationships with some of the best writers in the United States along with writers from as far away as Denmark, Nigeria, and New Zealand. We have been lucky to learn from writers spanning the world’s theatrical traditions.

One thing that is crystal clear to us is that every play, every process, every writer is unique and the only person who can truly drive the play development process is the writer themselves. However, we also recognize that plays cannot come to life on laptop screens alone.

We bring together actors, directors, playwrights and dramaturgs to help writers to learn about their own work; by seeing and hearing it come alive on its feet, without the pressures of production. We also believe that it is more important to provide room for the writer to develop their craft and their voice than individual plays.

Our new play programs take two shapes. One, a workshop for new voices and new ideas. It is an intensive weekly workshop working to hone and strengthen a writers voice and aesthetic vocabulary to build not just words but worlds.

The other, an ongoing development lab to connect playwrights with people, tools and resources to develop their work as they see fit. We give writers the freedom and the resources to write whatever they choose, without institutional, aesthetic, political or commercial pressures. When writers are free to play and explore how they choose, in the ways that they choose, they’re able to soar in new and profound ways.

The two tracks, workshop and lab, reinforce each other. More advanced writers are able to develop their work further and newer writers are able to learn by being part of the process, and newer writers help writers further along in their craft stay on top of their game.