American Hwangap

by Lloyd Suh

directed by Helen Young

a co-production with A-Squared Theatre

February 24 through April 1, 2017
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 6pm

Lloyd Suh’s American Hwangap tells a deftly observant, funny, and moving story about a weekend in the lives of the Chuns, a Korean American family living in suburban Texas in 2005. After abandoning his family to return to his native South Korea, Min Suk Chun abruptly reappears in the lives of his ex-wife and children on the occasion of his hwangap, the traditional way of celebrating one’s 60th birthday in Korean culture. However, his ex-wife and kids, now adults, have moved on and do not welcome the patriarch back into their family. As his birthday approaches, Min Suk struggles to truly reunite his family and obtain forgiveness from the ones he loves most.